The Bangkok Tour

Eat and Experience the foods like a local person.

Food Tour Bangkok is a local authentic food tour. You will get to try 12 different kind of local street and restaurant foods with unique and delicious taste.

Not only the foods, walking around the neighborhood, meeting people and passing through exotic alleys are something that you will never get to experience as a tourist. For this tour you will get to see and try them all.

The Bangkok Tour

The Food

Foods are unique due to their differences in ingredients and the way which cooked. Imagine how same dishes are taste differently in every restaurant. In this tour, you will try menu which are prepared in a very special ways with unique secret ingredients and eat in a special way. You will get to try all the highlight dishes of the local in the neighborhood of Chinatown.

Bangkok renowned slice pork and duck with steamed rice
Green Papaya Salad
Local Beer
Delicious pork bite and sticky rice
Alex, Food Tour Bangkok

The Experience

Don't worry about language barrier. Alex our guide speak perfect English. He was born and raise in the place where you will be going for the food tour.

He will organize everything to suit your need regardless whether you are a vegetarian or on diet. He is fun and enthusiastic to show you around his neighborhood, you will have a chance to greet with all chefs and even his mom and neighbor if they aren't too busy.

The Value

The price you pay for the tour will back with value from the tour. It save you time and effort having to try Thai menu at expensive restaurant and navigate around the puzzling and exotic place around bangkok either for sightseeing or for foods.

With Alex you will be comfortable with him to recommend and provide his hospitality for you with the best service and highlights dish of the area.

Food Tour Bangkok Value

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Monday - Sunday: 6:00pm